Why Study In Taiwan?

High Quality Education

Top 5 universities in Taiwan have better world ranking than the top 5 IIT in India. Known as Asia’s technology powerhouse, Taiwan lays great emphasis on innovation & has some of the top universities in the world. Some of Taiwan’s technology universities rank in the top 100s, making Taiwan a great study abroad destination for Indian students.

Sr. No. 

Indian University

QS Ranking (2021)

Taiwanese University

QS Ranking (2021)


IIT Bombay


National Taiwan University



IISC Bangalore


National Tsing Hua University



IIT Delhi


National Cheng Kung University



IIT Madras


National Chiao Tung University



IIT Kharagpur


National Taiwan University of Science & Tech.


Why Study In Taiwan

Courses Offered in Taiwan

Taiwan is known for being the hub for technological excellence, with great emphasis on mathematics & the sciences across their education system. It has over 70 top-ranked private & over 17 national colleges/universities, & degrees from these Universities are appreciated worldwide & in India offering Indian students a plethora of opportunities. Making Taiwan one of the most desired destinations to study abroad.

Courses offered in Taiwanese Universities


  • Master’s program is available for all streams


  • Mechanical
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Chemical
  • Computer Science
  • Aeronautics
  • Hydraulic & Ocean
  • Material Science
  • Architectural
  • Environmental
  • Biomedical
  • Civil


  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Bio-Technology
  • Life Science
  • Physics


  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Literature

Commerce & Management

  • Statistics
  • Finance & MBA
  • Accountancy


  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Nursing
  • Oral Medicine
  • Cell Biology 
  • Gerontology

Excellent Career Opportunities

Taiwan houses 13 of the world’s leading technology companies, such as TSMC, Foxconn, Asus, and Acer, and is known to hire top tech talent. In recent years Taiwan has utilized its high-tech industrial foundation for the development of AI technology. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have set up their big AI’s R&D Centres in Taiwan.
Taiwan’s study abroad programs can boost your career and help you speed-drive to join the cream talent in technology. Given the country’s friendly & cordial environment, it is attracting a lot of Indian talent to study & work in Taiwan. Starting salary is about Rs. 1.2 lacs / month after your Masters & Rs. 1.4 lacs / month after your PhD.

Low Tuition Fee & various school stipends and Scholarships

Master’s and Ph.D. courses offered by Taiwanese universities are at par with international standards and are taught in English.
You can complete your master’s degree under Rs.10 lacs even without any tuition waiver or stipends and pay back your investment within 2 years of working in Taiwan.
Taiwan Government & Universities are encouraging international students to study in Taiwan. With the availability of Government & University Scholarships, you can complete your higher studies in Taiwan almost free of cost.


Government Scholarship

For Master’s

For Ph.D.

Rs. 2 lacs tuition fee + Rs. 50,000/month for 2 years

Rs. 2 lacs tuition fee + Rs. 50,000/month for 4 years

University Scholarship 

(Varies per University) 

Full-funded Stipend

Partially-funded Stipend

For PhD: up to Rs. 70,000/month 

For PG: Rs. 23,000/month

For PhD:  up to Rs. 40,000/month

For PG: Rs. 15,000/month

Tuition Fee Waiver - Up to Rs. 3 lacs a year

Natural Environment to Learn Mandarin/Chinese Language

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world and Gread China – including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore are the largest trading economy zones.  Students with good Chinese language communication skills are relatively more sought-after in terms of job opportunities worldwide. Thus, fluency in the Chinese language will give you the required edge over others. Click here to know why you should learn Chinese.
Why Study In Taiwan 2

Great Student Life & Standard of Living

Taiwan’s colleges and universities have a highly multicultural atmosphere with students belonging to different nationalities. Taiwan is also known for its advanced infrastructure, transportation & medical services, making it as safe as Japan in the world’s safety ranking. Taiwan offers great-quality & highly affordable cost of living – 500 US$ / month (Rs. 35,000 / month for non-Taipei cities)

Cost of Studying & Living

Program fee

Master Degree (~Rs. 3 lacs/ year)

Ph.D. (~Rs. 3 lacs/ year)


Dorm for 4 sharing (~Rs. 45000/ year)

Off-campus housing (~Rs. 1.4 lacs/ year)


Part Time Jobs

Students are allowed to work for 22hrs/ week & can at least earn Rs. 30000 per month to support their living in Taiwan 

Full Time Jobs

Approximately 95% of the students who can speak some level of Chinese will get job placements within 6 months of completion of their study. 

Stay Back Policy: 6 months after the graduation, once employed, no limitation on stay duration.