Taiwan's Education System

Top 3 reasons to study abroad

International Education System

Taiwan’s education system for higher education has undergone tremendous reformation over the past 2 decades. The curriculum and scoring system of undergraduate and graduate programs are at par with international standards.

Technical Excellence Leaders

Taiwan is known for being the center for technical excellence, with great emphasis on mathematics and the sciences across their education system. It has over 70 top ranked private and over 17 national colleges/universities to choose from.

Swelling Number of International Students

2016-2017 saw over 1.2 lakh international students studying in Taiwan, making it a great international study destination for students looking to study abroad.

Why Taiwan should be your study destination?

Affordable Quality Education

Looking for studying engineering abroad in under 5 lakhs? Study abroad programs (both undergraduate and graduate courses) offered by Taiwan are at par with international standards and are taught in English. International student scholarships are also available.

Top Universities in the World

Known as Asia’s technology powerhouse, Taiwan lays great emphasis on innovation and has some of the top universities in the world. Some of Taiwan’s technology universities rank in top 100s, making Taiwan a great study abroad destination for Indian students.

Great Student Life

Taiwan’s colleges and universities have a high multicultural atmosphere with students belonging to different nationalities. Studying in Taiwan will not only boost your career growth but also bring in exciting opportunities to be a part of several new cultures and people. Taiwan offers great-quality and highly affordable cost of living for international students (200 USD/month or 14,000 INR/month).

Multi-cultural & Modern Environment

Taiwan’s education system has been accelerating towards noteworthy transformation, offering modern and intellectually stimulating study environments to its students. Studying in Taiwan offers modern learning resources and a dynamic and diverse culture, attracting international students worldwide.

Exciting Career Opportunities

Taiwan houses 13 of the world’s leading technology companies such as TSMC, Foxconn, Asus, and Acer, and is known to hire top tech talent. Taiwan’s study abroad programs can not only boost your career but also help you speed-drive to join the cream talent in technology.

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