1. Do Taiwan’s colleges and universities offer courses in English?

Yes. Most of the popular engineering programs are taught in English in highly ranked Taiwanese universities.

2. How is EduC̄are Taiwan is different from other study abroad portals?

At EduC̄are Taiwan, our education experts are Taiwanese who are based out of
Mumbai, India. We offer customized services to students and give individual attention to their unique needs. Moreover, we also care for the welfare of Indian students studying in Taiwan during and after their programs are completed.

3. Is Taiwan friendly for international students?

Yes. Taiwan has an increasing number of international student population each year and students are welcome from all over the world. Moreover, the Taiwanese government has facilitated the acceptance of international students by offering top courses at affordable prices.

4. How do I get admission in a Taiwanese university?

Step 1. Contact us for a free consultation and we will guide you to your university and course of choice. OR If you have already selected a Taiwanese university and course of your choice, you can consult us for expert advice and further guidance.
Step 2. We help you send out your application package to the university and can
also help you make payments to the university.
Step 3. After you have been selected for the course, pay the application fee.

5. How much is the application fee?

Our application fee depends on the type of course / university selected. Contact us to know more about your application fee.

6. How do I apply for Taiwanese scholarships?

For scholarship advice and guidance, please contact us and we will send you the instructions via email.

7. Is learning Mandarin Chinese compulsory for studying in Taiwan?

No. However, learning Mandarin Chinese offers great advantages especially in getting internships or jobs in top companies that are located in Taiwan or even in India.

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